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Public Building

Economic Empowerment Policy

AZCON is committed to implementing and monitoring the Black Economic Empowerment Policy. AZCON, as a well-established progressive company, has a formal Affirmative Action Policy in place, together with an action plan to ensure that this policy is implemented. Briefly, this is an undertaking to:

Develop, promote and recruit qualified people from the disadvantaged sections of our community.

Educate, train and develop those employees who display the requisite initiative and aptitude in order to facilitate their advancement to all positions in the company.

Seek to advance through direct support and association, the PDI businesses engaged in the construction industry.

Improve and enhance the quality of life of all people who form part of the greater AZCON family.

We are extremely conscious of the need to progress black empowerment within AZCON. To this end our training in recent years has been largely targeted at appropriate members of staff

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